IEC+ s.r.l.
Via Argini Sud 3
43029 Traversetolo (PR)
+39 052 134 39 45
+39 052 134 22 88
mixing - grinding - dispensing - plant engineering
As a valued customer of IEC+, you can depend on our experienced and efficient after-sales service to deliver the right spare parts for your machines or plants, be they available in-store or to be specially customised.

Our precise inventory controlled from our headquarters at Travesetolo, Parma in Italy, is specifically designed to provide customers with a fast availability of spare parts, for either new machines or previous systems – to any location world wide, any time and on time. This means IEC+ components always work with premium performance and efficiency.
When it comes to spare parts, you can rely on IEC+.
P.IVA 02681750341