IEC+ s.r.l.
Via Argini Sud 3
43029 Traversetolo (PR)
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mixing - grinding - dispensing - plant engineering
The development of IEC+ is what keeps us at the forefront .
To fulfil our vision we are committed to that growth.
Our future is based on a solid foundation of teamwork and partnership, of inspiration and dedication. By constantly enhancing our products we are able to deliver solutions that are more energy efficient resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
The formula to achieving our mission is based on 3 objectives:

Enhanced Technology
We continue to strengthen our product offerings through new technologies especially in the fields of renewable energy.
New Sectors
We continue to build more targeted solutions to satisfy increasingly specific demands by bringing our competitive IEC+ edge to new market sectors such as the cosmetics industry.
Greater Reach
We continue to expand our competitive expertise across the globe to offer a wider audience greater efficiency through our customisation.
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