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mixing - grinding - dispensing - plant engineering
Free-standing / wall-mounted

Designed for mixing and dispersing of products with low, medium and high viscosity.

Production of paints, varnishes, enamels, plasters, adhesives, pigment pastes, inks, silicones and other high viscosity products that require fast, powerful and effective dispersion.

Design Features
1.   Supporting structure in painted carbon steel
2.   Hydraulic lifting by electric pump
3.   Sliding column in stainless steel
4.   Stainless steel dispersion shaft and impeller (Cowless type)
5.   Adjustable tank locking systems with safety switch
6.   Stainless steel protective lid with hopper
7.   Electronic speed variation by INVERTER (range of rotation
      speed 250-1500 rpm)
8.   Control panel with monitoring and operating instruments.
9.   Safety devices in compliance with the European machine
      directive (CE)


1.   Stainless steel tanks of various sizes with cooling jacket
2.   Stainless steel impellers of various configurations and diameters
     (Lenard, Turbo types)
3.   Tank locking systems of various types (by chain, belt, arms,
4.   Vacuum lid with inspection window
5.   Servo-ventilated motor for forced cooling (range of rotation
      speed 0-1500 rpm)
6.   ATEX version
1.   Safe and user-friendly operation
2.   Simple maintenance
3.   High efficiency
4.   Low noise and vibration free operation
5.   Continuous speed variation. Precise speed regulation
6.   Ideal for the production of small batches
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